Quiet Reflections

As we continue our life journey with Covid-19 we need the opportunity to Pray and Reflect. This is the second offering relating to the Psalms including Prayers, Reflections and suggested Bible readings.
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God Bless
Evelyn Harper


Find a quiet place, if the weather permits, sit outside in your garden. Allow yourself to just settle and clear your mind of the day’s tasks or challenges. Just Be.


Search your memory and think back to when you were a child. Did you ever take part in a procession? Maybe a Sunday School Anniversary, or were you a member of a Marching Band? What memories comes to you?

READ Psalm 68: 24-27 – Do the words stir your memories?


When I was a young girl, I remember well our Church Sunday School Anniversaries. We would meet together at our Church, all in our very best clothes. Girls in white dresses and the boys wearing smart trousers or shorts and shirt and tie. The procession was always led by the musicians of the Boys Brigade with our Vicar in front. Next, there would be the scouts and cubs, guides, and brownies. We would then process around the streets of the neighbourhood before finishing at our church for a service. Such happy emotions. But I also recall as an adult, taking part in Good Friday Processions of Witness. Listening to readings and re-in-acting Jesus’s walk to the Cross. Sad and solemn emotions.  The psalmist David describes the procession in Psalm 68 as the focus being God himself. Was God the focus in the processions you took part in?


Make a note of any Christian processions you have ever taken part in. What part did you play? What emotions did you feel? Was God your focus?

If you have time – read John 12: 12-15

A THOUGHT – Are Christian processions of witness still relevant today? Make a note of your answer.


Loving God, may my life’s focus always be You. Equip me with the strength and the passion to speak Your name, tell of Your love and Your grace and to serve others as Your son, Jesus Christ served us. Amen.

Acknowledgement - Loosely based on Strive and Thrive with the Psalms
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