Churchyard at St. Cuthbert’s

St. Cuthbert, Donington welcomes with love those who have been bereaved. We extend to them Christ’s promise of victory over death and seek to ensure the churchyard will be a fitting resting place for the mortal remains of their departed loved ones both now and in the future.

Each of our parish churches  is committed to ensuring that their churchyard is a place of peace and comfort for those who mourn and a fitting final resting place for their loved ones. 

We hope such provision will be an expression of the care and love the church seeks to extend to the whole community and underline its belief that the welfare of both the living and the dead is important to God.

  As far as possible the church tries to ensure that everyone who uses their churchyard is treated with       fairness, equality and consistency and that is why each churchyard is governed by a set of Regulations   which are issued by the Chancellor of the Diocese, the person who has ultimate legal authority to say   what is or is not allowed in the churchyard.   

  In brief:

In order to ensure that the churchyard is a safe and pleasant space for all, untended graves may be cleared or tidied by the churchyard maintenance tem.  Any artefacts which are not permitted may be removed and stored for collection at the Church Office.  Dead plants & flowers or faded artificial flowers will be removed and thrown away. 

A full copy of the rules and regulations can be found below: