Getting married in church

 We're delighted you are considering having your wedding in one of our parishes. 

 There are some legal preliminaries which have to be checked out.

 If either of you has been married or been in a civil partnership before, you will need to make  an appointment to see the Vicar before we can proceed.  Please contact the Benefice Office  on 01902 373160 or send us an email.

 If you live anywhere in the parishes of Albrighton, Boningale or Donington you may marry in  any of our three churches.

 If you no longer live any of the parishes you will need to establish a qualifying connection.  

  These include:

  How large is each church?  


 We want your wedding day to be all you want it to be, so we will help you with all the practical  arrangements concerned with the church ceremony.  We also want your marriage to be a  space where you will both be able to flourish so we will invite you to a Marriage Preparation  Session in which we will explore what makes a strong and lasting marriage - you'll be surprised  at what you learn about each other during these meetings!


 To see the fees for 2021, please contact the Benefice Office on 01902 373160 or send us  an email.

 For a link to the Church of England website, Your Church Wedding, which is packed with lots of  ideas and resources for hymns and readings, please click here.