Worship at St Mary's

Worship is the most important thing we do. It is our duty and our joy to spend time in our Heavenly Father's presence. It consists of praise, adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession, under the form of prayer and hymns and spiritual songs.

That said, we all know that people's tastes in those things differs - some like traditional services, others modern, some like formailty, others prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.  Some like modern music played on guitars, others prefer organs and choirs.

Here at St Mary's, we have found that God has given us many gifts with which to praise him and it's up to us to bring all those into play so that we can have a rich and varied worship life.


By traditional we usually mean services from the Book of Common Prayer with a certain amount of formality.  We may think of hymns sung by a robed choir. 

If this is the sort of worship you enjoy best you will like these services: 

8 am Holy Communion (1st & 3rd Sunday of each month)

A said service from the Book of Common Prayer, with a short meditation or sermon.

10.30 am Parish Eucharist (2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays)

A sung service in the cathedral style, with hymns sung by a robed choir and a sermon.


On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month,  at 10.30am, we offer a contemporary language Holy Communion service, with hymns and songs sung by a robed choir.  A sermon is preached.  Children's groups meet in the Church Centre for their own teaching as adults listen to and reflect on the word of God themselves. Holy Communion is shared.

On the 1st Sunday we have a service of Morning Prayer with hymns and a sermon.


We have a MIDWEEK INFORMAL SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION at 9.30am on Wednesdays.  Coffee is served after this and also after all our morning services.

SPECIAL WORSHIP SERVICES take place throughout the year - see Diary Dates for details.

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